The Economy: Shit's Gotten Really Bad

by hari on July 30, 2009

Here are some photos I’ve taken on my cellphone in the past few months, which seems to verify official reports that the economy is in the shitter.

Also, if you’re wondering why the quality of these photos is so poor on my iPhone, it’s because I don’t have an iPhone. I have a Razr, a phone I was once self-conscious to own when it came out because I felt it was too flashy for my personality. The Razr’s major strength is that it is a thin phone. The Razr’s weaknesses are its poor sound quality, short battery life, and as we’ll soon see…its shit camera.

First, here’s a picture I took at a 99 cent store in Glen Oaks, Queens:

It’s not just horse shampoo…it’s “99 Cent” horse shampoo. So the question is, can you really afford a horse in this current economy if you have to buy cheap ass shampoo for it?

A closer look at one of the bottles reveals a startling detail:

Yes, that blurry photo does indeed reveal that this shampoo is “Safe for Human Use.” People are using 99 Cent Horse Shampoo…in this country.

The next picture shows the downfall of what appears to be a once successful human being (though I suppose he could also be a liar).

Though we do not know for sure which “academy” he supposedly won an award for and which college he teaches at, we do know which Law and Order he worked on in some capacity.

How humbling it must be to now advertise Final Cut editing lessons to strangers on a light pole! A popular advertising method that seems more appropriate for out of work babysitters or for those homeowners attempting to rent out their basements.

Also, look at the homeless gentleman wheeling his cart behind the pole. How timely considering the topic we are exploring here today.

My brother believes the person may not be homeless but simply “eccentric.” My brother and I know different kinds of people.

The next picture was taken outside a store in the Lower East Side:

Observe the shrewd marketing here. They could have sold those broken clockradios for $3, but they knew that it would be far more attractive to sell them for $2.99. That’s a bit of consumer psychology right there. “Ah, two dollars is less than three. That’s a better deal for an OK radio, broken clock piece.”

This final photo was not taken by me, but something I found on the internet. I think it quite clearly illustrates how bad things have gotten:

Parents are pimping out their twin baby boys to stock image companies!

First, why is this stock image necessary? Why is there the need to have an image of twin boys dressed in formal wear, sitting in a briefcase? The only people who may find use in such an image are people like myself who are constantly searching for fodder on the internet to write/ talk about.

Second, why bring children into the world when you plan to do this to them? These babies did not have a choice in the matter. Their only form of rebellion is crying. A rebellion that can be crushed with a half-pill of prozac ground up and slipped into their baby food or formula.

This is not right. This is JUST NOT RIGHT!!!

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Anonymous August 1, 2009 at 10:29 pm

Great post.
Now PLEASE learn the fricking difference between ITS and IT'S before you make yourself look like a complete f-ing moron and your old teachers and professors look like a crowd of tools…


Hari August 2, 2009 at 12:19 am


My grammatical errors have been corrected.

Thank you!


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