Hari Kondabolu asks Ajay Naidu for Help

by hari on February 10, 2011

After three unsuccessful attempts to get my brother and several comedian friends to help me promote my upcoming comedy special, I went to fellow South Asian and star of Office Space, Ajay Naidu for some help. Things got wild:

And some more words:

And an explanation Daily Show Correspondent Aasif Mandvi sent me on facebook as to why he was unable to help me promote my special:


I feel terrible that i didn’t help you promote your Comedy Central Special, especially since we are both brown comedians etc…. however I have been unfortunately detained by Homeland Security and am currently serving time in a maximum security prison in Afghanistan. Its fine, you don’t need to let anyone know. I’ve already informed everyone, there has obviously been a huge mistake, and they do plan to release me, so please don’t alert the media or anything cos it was a huge misunderstanding, i am being released… the bummer part of this whole entire story is that I am being released the day AFTER your special is taping. Honestly, I’m sick about it, i haven’t been able to sleep cos of this… and i have talked to everyone here and I’m taking this issue as far up the chain of command as possible. I’m doing all i can to let them release me early to promote your special, Hari, please know that…. here’s hoping they change their minds, but you know how Gov’t employees are. What are the odds of this right? the timing is so weird right? cos i was so looking forward to promoting your special, weird when life just fucking happens- but listen , good luck with it, you’re gonna rock cos i think you are one of the ummm… one of the … well you are definately doing it and that is something to.. to know.

Listen Hari, I have to go. its time to be…beaten.

see you soon,

Your friend
Aasif Mandvi

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