November 2, 2010

Here’s another video I made for www.worldcompass.org. This one’s regarding the pronunciation of the word “Diaspora.”

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Racism vs. White Guilt

October 20, 2010

A video blog I made for www.worldcompass.org. This was based on a joke I wrote, but never finished, as a senior at Bowdoin College in 2003. It’s funny how long thoughts sometimes gestate.

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Comedy Central Presents….Hari Kondabolu!

September 17, 2010

Friends and Fans, Comedy Central has chosen me to do a Comedy Central Presents half-hour special! We tape the special in NYC at The Gerald W. Lynch Theater at John Jay College on Sunday, October 17th. If you are able to attend, you can request tickets here: http://www.on-camera-audiences.com/shows/show/26/Comedy_Central_Presents_in_New_York_City/ I don’t have anything else to say, […]

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Will Your Marriage Be Arranged?

September 16, 2010

Here’s a video I made about arranged marriage for World Compass as part of their “State of Our Unions” series.

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The Kondabolu Brothers Respond to Joel Stein

September 8, 2010

As some of you may know, Joel Stein wrote a column in Time Magazine called “My Own Private India” in July that rightfully pissed off a large segment of the South Asian American community. In addition to being terribly unfunny (offending me as a comedian), the column was chock full of Indian stereotypes, xenophobia and […]

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